• Informative

    Annual Meeting & Election

    The 2023 Annual Meeting is coming soon! June 27th at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse Please join us for this meeting as there is important business to present to the residents of Fox Run, and you can cast your votes for the newest board members. We’ll see you there!

  • Outreach


    The 2021 Trunk or Treat Event info has been posted for all residents to view. The HOA is very excited to see all of you again this year, and we hope to have some creative residents come out with their Halloween Trunks. Login to the Residential section, go to Events, and click Trunk-or-Treat to view all the details and register for the event.

  • Informative

    Pools and Facilities Are Closed

    Thank you all for a wonderful pool season! We hope you enjoyed your time in the sun this summer- for now, bring on the cooler weather! Just a reminder that the pool and bathrooms are in preparation for winterization. Plumbing and waterlines are in a transitional state so please refrain from using any of the facilities at the pool. Thank you for being such wonderful residents- The HOA

  • Informative

    2021 Pool Season

    Fox Run Residents, We are happy to announce that the pools are open starting as of Sunday, May 9. The pools will be open from 6AM to 10PM. Although there are not Covid19 mandates, it is prudent to practice social distancing from non-family members. The chairs and tables have been arranged to aid in this practice. You can clean the tables and chairs after using them and before you leave. Sanitizer and paper towels for adult use are provided and will be located in a tupperware container under the cabana. As a reminder, the small pool is geared towards toddlers and pre-teenage children. It has more and shallower step areas…

  • Informative

    Monthly HOA Meeting

    Just a reminder that the Monthly HOA Board Meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of every month. If you have something you would like to bring to our attention, please email Jim Bolon with your topic of discussion. Thank you for being such wonderful residents! -HOA Board

  • Seasonal

    Spring is Coming!

    Spring is right around the corner… hopefully! Time for getting our trees and lawns back into shape! We would like to take this opportunity to send out a kind reminder to our residents to be mindful of all the services that are taking place in the neighborhood. Please monitor your hired contractors and help remind them to keep the roads as open as possible to avoid blocking the streets with a lot of equipment and debris. There are several areas where the roads become narrow and visibility is limited, which can create an unsafe┬ásituation to drivers and pedestrians. Help keep our neighborhood clean and make sure you and your contractors…

  • Access

    IMPORTANT: Resident Login Access From Mobile Devices

    Residents, if you are trying to log in to the Resident Information area from your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) you may not be able to see the Login link on the home page because this site switches to a mobile friendly version on these devices. To Login on a mobile device, there are 2 options: Go to the website homepage. There will be a drop down menu on your screen that should have an option to switch to “Desktop View”. Select this and then you will see the full site in it’s complete form. The Resident Login link is there on the Top Left Menu. Login as previously instructed,…