2021 Pool Season

Fox Run Residents,

We are happy to announce that the pools are open starting as of Sunday, May 9. The pools will be open from 6AM to 10PM. Although there are not Covid19 mandates, it is prudent to practice social distancing from non-family members. The chairs and tables have been arranged to aid in this practice. You can clean the tables and chairs after using them and before you leave. Sanitizer and paper towels for adult use are provided and will be located in a tupperware container under the cabana.

As a reminder, the small pool is geared towards toddlers and pre-teenage children. It has more and shallower step areas than the larger pool. All children must have adult supervision. Excessive physical activity that could scare or impact pool use by younger children is discouraged. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swimmies, rubber pants with a diaper, training pants, or protective wear. These children can only use the smaller pool until they are toilet trained.

The large pool is geared towards teens and above. The larger pool has lanes designed for lap swimming. The larger pool has a middle float safety rope separating the deep end from the shallow end and it may be disconnected ONLY for lap. When a lap swimmer is finished, the float safety rope MUST BE reconnected. Failure to reconnect the safety rope is a violation of the Tennessee Department of Health and violation could result in the closure of our pool (s).

The pool rules have been updated and an updated version will be posted on the Fox Run web site. There are new signs posted with the rules. Please familiarize yourself with the rules on your first visit. Some very important practices are:

Vehicles are to be parked in defined spaces in the parking lot adjacent to the pool and not in the cul du sac. The sidewalk at the pool entrance is not to be used for parking.

The pools do NOT have lifeguards. All persons using the pool complex are doing so at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. Safety equipment, including a phone, are provided for emergencies.

Climbing over the fence or gate to avoid using the key is prohibited and is considered trespassing under the law. Such actions are dangerous as well as illegal.

The HOA reserves the right to refuse entrance to any person(s) who, in their judgement, is/are in violation of the rules and regulations.

The pool gate is to remain closed at all times. Do not prop is open with chairs, the bike rack or other items.

No glass of any kind is permitted inside the fenced area.

The safety ropes and life saving equipment must remain in place at all times (except as defined above for lap swimmers). Pulling, leaning, or sitting on the ropes is prohibited.

Pets are NOT permitted in the pool area.

It is important that all residents follow the rules. The Health Inspector will spot check and if the rules are being broken, the pool will be shut down. Please do your part by following the rules.

During the off season the HOA has invested a lot of resources in the pool and cabana area. The large pool has been replastered and new tile installed. The fencing, cabanas, and door characters have all been painted. A new grill has been ordered and will be installed in May. Enjoy the refreshed facilities, and we wish all of you all a fun and healthy summer swimming season.

Fox Run HOA Board

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